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elegance by Asteria

what we believe in

At Asteria diamonds we believe in providing quality products, fair pricing and excellent service to our customers, and we believe in doing so honestly and with full transparency.

Asteria Diamonds puts a large emphasis on individualized service for each and every customer. Our employees meet with clients all over the world on a daily basis in order to allow them to see our products first hand, advise them on their purchase and help with any problems. We want our customers to be satisfied with every aspect of their shopping experience.

what we do
We are a diamond and jewelry manufacturer, which means that we source our diamonds from mines and are responsible for the cutting, polishing, grading, up until the sale process. At Asteria Diamonds we work daily to make our entire stock list accessible and easy to use for companies and individual customers alike. Our website boasts a large inventory spanning all different sizes, cuts, qualities and colors of fancy diamonds, in order to offer our customers variation, selection and exclusive diamond purchasing opportunities.

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