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elegance by Asteria

what we believe in

At Asteria diamonds we believe in providing quality products, fair pricing and excellent service to our customers, and we believe in doing so honestly and with full transparency.

Asteria Diamonds puts a large emphasis on individualized service for each and every customer. Our employees meet with clients all over the world on a daily basis in order to allow them to see our products first hand, advise them on their purchase and help with any problems. We want our customers to be satisfied with every aspect of their shopping experience.

what we do
We are a diamond and jewelry manufacturer, which means that we source our diamonds from mines and are responsible for the cutting, polishing, grading, up until the sale process. At Asteria Diamonds we work daily to make our entire stock list accessible and easy to use for companies and individual customers alike. Our website boasts a large inventory spanning all different sizes, cuts, qualities and colors of fancy diamonds, in order to offer our customers variation, selection and exclusive diamond purchasing opportunities.
our story

1972In 1972, 21-year-old Eliyahu Bashari, founder and CEO of Bashari Diamonds (Israel) Ltd., started his journey in the world of diamonds as an apprentice diamond polisher. He worked long days and nights from a small diamond factory in Netanya, Israel, learning the trade from his brothers who had entered the industry just a few years before him. As time went on, he honed his skills, learned about the industry, made connections in the Israeli Diamond industry and established a strong reputation.


1984 - 1989As Eliyahu’s diamond polishing services and knowledge became more sought after, he decided to open his first privately owned factory with his supporting wife, Shoshi. He hired other workers, teaching them the trade so they could help him enlarge his diamond polishing inventory as well as assist other Diamond manufacturers who appreciated his craftsmanship and honesty. He started with six workers. At the height of his polishing business, that number grew to over 100 workers, as he expanded his factory, becoming a leading diamond manufacturer in Israel.


1991With advancements in technology, manufacturing of polished diamonds became more and more automated and commercialized. Sensing this change, Eliyahu began to specialize in polishing large white and fancy color diamonds. No machine could be trusted to reach the maximum yield, shine and vibrant colors that Eliyahu was able to do by hand. Sought by many diamond polishers, Eliyahu started teaching others in the diamond industry the tricks of the trade in order to keep production alive and in the hands of the people in Israel.


2000 - 2006Eliyahu's eldest son, Aviad, joined his father’s business, starting as an apprentice diamond polisher, in the footsteps of his father. Aviad quickly proved that his sharp mind and a computerized memory were the keys to the success in furthering his father’s company. He was able to expand his father’s rough yield, manufacturing diamonds at the lowest possible prices while not compromising the beauty of his father’s craftsmanship. Aviad's reputation quickly grew to become one of the leaders in the new generation of diamond manufacturers in Israel. At this point, Eliyahu’s business was solely aimed at wholesale diamond brokers and retailers locally in Israel.


1990-2006Ishai Bettan, having worked in the International health supply world for many years, believed that global wealth expansion was the key to the future. His ideas brought him to live in China, which at the time was still very primitive but had a bright future of being a leading major luxury consumption marketplace. At the time, China was still very based on gold as a symbol of wealth and generosity. Ishai believed that the Chinese culture would soon be influenced by western marketing and people there would begin to purchase diamonds as engagement jewelry and grow to consider diamonds as a symbol of wealth.


2006-2008In 2006, Ishai founded Eliyahu Bashari Diamonds (Shanghai) Ltd., establishing a joint venture with Eliyahu Bashari (Israel) Ltd. Their goal was to begin providing wholesale polished diamonds to the Chinese marketplace. The business experienced rapid expansion in these years. They saw five additional offices opened in China, as well as other branches around the world. Supplying polished diamonds to over 600 retail stores and brokers worldwide, sales were booming.


2008-2012Ishai had a vision: "Diamonds sales from the manufacturer to the end user directly." In 2008, his vision materialized in the creation of ASTERIA Diamonds Inc. Asteria Diamonds was the first diamond manufacturer to sell directly to end users at wholesale prices. Asteria specialised in supplying natural fancy color diamonds, which were unique and not readily available in retail stores. Later, leading international jewelry brands followed suit, promoting fancy colored diamonds.


2012-TodayBelieving that the world was shrinking with the increase of ecommerce trade, Ishai capitalised on another Bashari family member’s spark of intelligence, Ofir. Aided by his vast knowledge in computer programming and marketing, Ofir developed an advanced website for the family business that quickly became one of the leading diamond ecommerce websites in the world today ( Ofir was able to portray his father’s craftsmanship digitally, giving the company a worldwide exposure overnight. With the largest selection of natural colored diamonds, Asteria Diamonds’ international sales increased exponentially.
Buying a diamond is a moment to cherish and a sign of love. Customer satisfaction in quality and price is ASTERIA Diamonds unequivocal mission. Generations of craftsmanship and honesty are passed on to all staff worldwide by Eliyahu, a true veteran of diamond manufacturers.


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