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Natural Green Diamonds Guide: Prices, authenticity, history & much more | Asteria Colored diamonds

February 21, 2017 139 Views No comments

Green diamonds are among the most wondrous works of nature, created in a unique process spanning over millions of years. They include some famous breathtaking diamonds in unique vivid shades. The special story of green diamonds places them somewhere in the middle of the spectrum between the rarest of diamonds and those more commonly priced despite being very rare. How do they form? How much do they cost? How rare are they? All that and more, in this article.

Natural Pink Diamonds Guide: Value, investments, engagement rings & much more | Asteria Colored diamonds

February 21, 2017 179 Views No comments

Pink diamonds are the most romantic of them all. With it's outstanding feminine and extremely rare color in the world of diamonds, pink diamonds are the perfect choice for celebrities, royal families, top designers, collectors, investors and even for you!. How do they form? Where do they come from? How rare are they and how are they priced? All the answers and more, in this article.

Natural yellow Diamonds Buying Guide: Rarity, Prices, engaement rings & much more | Asteria Colored diamonds

February 21, 2017 110 Views No comments

Fancy Yellow Diamonds breathtaking beauty, bright shine, warm color, and the fact that they are rare but affordable for most people make them the perfect gift, the coveted engagement ring, and the ideal diamond, even for you. Naturaly, yellow diamonds are a trendy and popular choice for easygoing and positive people who like to rejoice and spread love.

Are you looking to buy yellow diamonds? The technical aspect of recognizing and understanding the yellow diamonds includes several critical factors that affect a diamond’s grading and pricing. Here you will learn how to understand, identify, and select the right yellow diamond for you.