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Diamond Investment Mechanisms

In this article we will look at different investment mechanisms and help you understand which path is best for your investment.
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What Was Old is New Again

Colored diamonds fit perfect with intricate gold work, rose gold, yellow gold or white gold with a hint of yellowing to create a vintage look...
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Colored Diamond Investment 101

Let’s examine what factors you should take into account when purchasing your investment diamond...
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About Asteria

Asteria Diamonds has been manufacturing, buying and selling diamonds for over 40 years. With vast experience in both uncolored and colored diamonds, our experts offer the best service and advice. 
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Colored Diamond Investment

Diamonds aren’t just for jewelry anymore. As colored diamond supply decreases and demand increases, diamonds are becoming a valuable and wise investment choice. Visit Asteria Invest to learn more about colored diamond investment.
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Custom Jewelry

Asteria Diamonds is proud to announce that our custom jewelry path is in its final stages. Check back soon to begin creating your perfect piece of colored diamond jewelry for a fraction of retail prices.

Spring Collection

Our Spring Collection mainly features colored diamonds and diamond jewelry with light pink diamonds, soft green diamonds and yellow diamonds to evoke warm feelings of blossoming and rebirth. Take a look at the collection now.
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